How do I order cheque books and paying in books through account servicing?

Using account servicing, you can order cheque books and paying in books for domestic or international accounts in Bankline.

You’ll need the relevant account servicing privilege or access to view a statement or balance to do this. Once you've got the privileges, follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Account servicing’ from the top menu and then ‘Order cheque books and paying in books’
  2. Click the tab titled ‘Order cheque and paying in books’
  3. Select the organisation and the specific account you’d like to order books for
  4. Select the number of cheque books and/or paying in books you need to order. You can order a maximum of three of each
  5. Click ‘Submit to bank’ to submit the request

You can track the request by clicking ‘See all requests’ from the top account servicing menu.

You should receive these within five working days.

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